The Origins of Virtue

Matt Ridley



Non-Fiction > Science & Technology

ISBN: 9780140244045


‘A brilliant, lucid insight into the profound implications of modern biological thinking . . . With this book Matt Ridley establishes himself as one of the finest of contemporary science writers’ – Bryan Appleyard’Are we driven by a profoundly selfish, determinist impulse? OR is there an escape clause that enables us to be genuinely unselfish and good? . . . In an era in which biological science is challenging traditional ethics, he has raised the debate to a new level of seriousness and importance . . . a fine and intelligent writer’ – John Cornwell in the Sunday Times’Enthralling and provocative – up with the very best products of this golden age of accessible science writing . . . A fascinating and illuminating argument’ – Penelope Lively in the Daily Telegraph’Matt Ridley’s splendid book studies co-operation (and conflict) from the genes themselves to modern technological societies . . . ‘Our minds have been built by selfishness, but they have been built to be social, trustworthy and co-operative. That is the paradox this book has tried to explain.’ It has done it brilliantly’ – A.S. Byatt in the Express on Sunday’The thesis is attractive and well supported with evidence drawn from many disciplines’ – Laurence Hurst in the New Scientist’A tour de force – dashing, apophthegmatic, ingenious in argument and beautifully constructed – Galen Strawson in The Times Literary Supplement

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