Library Building

We are pleased to provide a bespoke library building service for both private and commercial clients. We will take care of the whole process, from consultation with an experienced bookseller to assistance with delivery and shelving. Whether it’s a personalised selection for a special present, a nursery bookshelf or a full library for home or business, do get in touch.


“When it came time to stock our new library, I knew I wanted to approach my favourite bookstore, Daunt Books, to help with the process.  The team at Daunt Books, and Jack Rollo in particular, were fantastic and made the whole process incredibly fun and entirely painless.  Being an avid book lover, I had some inkling of the kinds of books and the topics I wanted to cover and the team worked very closely with us to understand our tastes.  It is just incredible how well-read and knowledgeable they are on a wide range of topics and they were able to recommend books both classic and contemporary, adult and children’s that we cannot wait to read and reread. 

Daunt Books helped with the book picking, delivery and even came to the house to organise the books into a sensible system, which completely exceeded our expectations.  Great customer service, thoughtful book recommendations – an overall brilliant experience.  Highly recommended and certainly my favourite part of our house renovation.  We look forward to working with Daunt Books on growing and augmenting our collection in the years to come.”

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