Park Notes

Sarah Pickstone



Daunt Books Publishing > Non-Fiction

ISBN: 9781907970382

Published July 2014 by Daunt Books Publishing


Featuring contributions by Olivia Laing, Iain Sinclair, Marina Warner, Craig Taylor, and many more

‘I stepped out of the city and into the park. It was as simple as that.’ – Ali Smith

From the rugged beauty of Hampstead Heath to the manicured lawns of Hyde Park, generations of Londoners have sought respite within the city’s renowned parks. Naturally writers too indulged in the tranquillity of these spaces, which often informed and stimulated their work. Regent’s Park, in particular, has appeared in several books – from Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway to Angela Carter’s Wise Children.

Award-winning painter Sarah Pickstone was intrigued by the writers associated with Regent’s Park – those who wrote in it, about it, or were simply inspired by it, and her work explores these serendipitous connections between people, places, and ideas.

Capturing that same spirit, Park Notes (curated by the artist herself) combines Pickstone’s radiant paintings alongside the work of fellow contemporary artists, evocative extracts from writers of the past, and essays and stories from today’s most engaging authors. The result is a captivating and distinctive collection, celebrating the creative process and the glorious natural spaces in the heart of London.

‘Beautifully crafted . . . a spirited collection of park ghost stories, and a fine summer invitation to go in search of shades of your own.’ – Guardian

‘A covetable volume . . . punctuated by Pickstone’s gorgeous paintings.’ – Independent

‘I promise you, if you read it, you will be inspired.’ – Open Book, BBC Radio 4

‘A celebration of the verdeant public spaces we all take for granted . . . marvellous.’ – World of Interiors

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