Map of Another Town

M.F.K. Fisher



Daunt Books Publishing > Non-Fiction

ISBN: 9781911547372

Published May 2019 by Daunt Books Publishing


‘I was a brash newcomer to it, and yet when I first felt the rhythm of its streets and smelled its ancient smells, I said, “Of course,” for I was once more in my own place, an  invader of what was already mine.’

M.F.K. Fisher moved to Aix-en-Provence with her daughters after the Second World War. In Map of Another Town, she traces the history of this ancient and famous town, known for its tree-lined avenues, pretty fountains and ornate façades. Beyond the tourist sights, Fisher introduces us to its inhabitants: the waiters and landladies, down-and-outs and local characters – all recovering from the affects of the war in a drastically new France.

A companion piece to The Gastronomical Me, in this memoir Fisher finds herself alone, older and with two small children to care for, while at the same time discovering a sense of belonging and acceptance. This is an intimate portrait of a place, which is also a self-portrait. As Fisher writes: ‘Here before me now is my picture, my map, of a place and therefore myself.’

‘Her writing makes your mouth water.’ Financial Times

‘Fisher writes with such intimacy and style about her corner of Provence that it will make you want to travel there immediately.’ –  Stylist

‘The perfect blend of evocative travel writing and personal memoir’ – Culture Fly

‘Fisher’s France, like every France ever written, has now gone, but powerful sensations remain, to send you sprinting if not to the Eurostar website, then to the kitchen via the off licence.’ – Strong Words Magazine

‘An elegiac ode to one of the Mediterranean’s most colourful cities that will delight all lovers of Provence … A tantalising memoir.’ France Magazine

‘I do not know of anyone in the United States who writes better prose. – W.H. Auden

‘She is not just a great food writer. She is a great writer, full stop.’ – Rachel Cooke, Observer

‘This is a wonderful, timeless, guide to the city of Aix en Provence and the surrounding area. It’s a food lover’s delight and mixes the stunning scenery to the food, the people, the atmosphere and even the air they all breathe there. There’s just something about life here in Provence and to discover it through the eyes of such a lady as MFK Fisher is a treat indeed.’ – The Book Trail

‘Every time I return to M.F.K. Fisher – and she is the most re-readable of all prose stylists – I am struck that she tells you all the vital stuff that other food writers leave out. Her books are full of private cravings.’ – Bee Wilson, author of First Bite

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