Dublin : The Considered Guide

Roads Publishing



ISBN: 9781909399938

Published April 2017 by Roads Publishing


Dublin : The Considered Guide
The capital city of Ireland, Dublin is a swirling cultural hotspot where old and new continuously clash and combine to create a city brimming with charm.

Set on the shores of Dublin bay, at the mouth of the river Liffey, the city’s rich history lives on through its architecture: Viking street names, towering Georgian townhouses and Celtic Tiger showstoppers.

Celebrate the life of literary icon James Joyce on Bloomsday, try a pint of Guinness at the James Gate Brewery, deer-watch in Phoenix Park, and bask in the atmosphere at Temple Bar. This guide will take you down dark alleyways into designer treasure caves, little-known seafood spots, and the pubs frequented by Dubliners themselves.

This guide allow you to peek behind closed doors. And with tips from local artists, writers, booksellers including Irelandopedia co-creator Fatti Burke, and fashion journalist Rosaleen McNeel, this book will teach you everything you need to know about an incredible city.

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