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Deborah Levy is (in my humble opinion) one of our greatest living writers. The Cost of Living is a short chronicle of her life as a parent, a writer and a divorcee, and how each of these experiences shape and steer her life as a woman in the 21st century metropolis. Her writing of observation and experience is exceptional, and while her fiction is fantastic, her genius truly shines through in her biographies. It’s also a great book on London!

You haven’t read Priestdaddy yet?! You have one of the funniest, absurd and explosive biographies in many a year to look forward to. Poet Patricia Lockwood and her husband are forced to return to her family home in the American Midwest, where she must grapple between the forces of her hard-won liberal values and those of her parents and siblings, a loving family home replete with guns, guitars and “simmering madness”. A hysterical masterpiece.

Maggie Nelson is one of the most lucid and intelligent writers on love, art and the body. As impossible to pigeon-hole as her other books, The Argonauts is her passionate account of a series of domestic dramas with transgender artist Harry Dodge. We live through their courtship, marriage, 2008 California Proposition 8, IVF treatment as well as Dodge’s determined journey to detach from gender norms, an act and gesture shared with Nelson which is poignantly mirrored in the form and romance of this wondrous book.

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