Daunt Books Festival 2024

Xinran in conversation with Cindy Yu

The Book of Secrets

Thursday 14th March 2024
12:00pm – 1:00pm

Daunt Books Marylebone

Tickets £8.00


Xinran is one of the world’s best known writers on China and its history. Her first book The Good Women of China was an international bestseller. In that brilliant study, and throughout her work, she has  worked tirelessly to enable ordinary Chinese people, in particular women, to tell their stories – not easy in a country where it’s still safest to keep quiet about the events of the last 70 years.

She will be here discussing her captivating new work, The Book of Secrets; a unique eye-witness testimony of Jie, a Party member who worked in China’s most secretive institution, military intelligence, through an archive uncovered by his daughter after his death. This is a revelatory behind-the-scenes account of a family torn apart by the Tiananmen Square massacre and the attempts of Jie finally to open up the Chinese system to the people. We meet a sensitive, intelligent and passionate man whose decisions tragically hurt people closest to him and is ultimately himself betrayed by the Communist Party to whom he devoted his life.

Xinran will be chatting with Cindy Yu. Cindy is an assistant editor of the Spectator and presenter of the podcast Chinese Whispers. 


Tickets are £8 including a small snack

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Daunt Books Festival 2024

Thursday 14th March 2024 Event starts at 12:00pm

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Daunt Books Marylebone
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