Wild Signs and Star Paths

Tristan Gooley



Nature & Environment > Non-Fiction

ISBN: 9781473655928


‘Beautifully written… I promise you will feel more in tune with the world around after reading only one chapter of WILD SIGNS and STAR PATHS, let alone the book in its entirety’ – Royal Institute of Navigation’A beautifully written almanac of tricks and tips that we’ve lost along the way’ – ObserverTristan Gooley, author of the internationally bestselling HOW TO READ WATER and THE WALKER’S GUIDE TO OUTDOOR CLUES & SIGNS, shows how it is possible to achieve a level of outdoors awareness that will enable you to sense direction from stars and plants, forecast weather from woodland sounds and predict the next action of an animal from its body language – instantly.Although once common, this now rare awareness would be labelled by many as a ‘sixth sense’. We have become so distanced from this way of experiencing our environment that it may initially seem hard to believe that it is possible, but Tristan Gooley uses a collection of ‘keys’ to show how everyone can develop this ability and enjoy the outdoors in an exciting way – one that is both new and ancient.

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