Under The Stars: A Journey Into Light

Matt Gaw



Nature & Environment > Non-Fiction

ISBN: 9781783965823


Moonlight, starlight, the ethereal glow of snow in winter … When you turn off the electricity, other forms of night light begin to reveal themselves. Light pollution is everywhere. Not only is it damaging to humans and to wildlife, disrupting our natural rhythms, but it obliterates the subtler lights that have guided us for millennia. In this beautifully written exploration, Matt Gaw ventures forth into darkness, from the light-soaked streets of London to the depths of night on the Isle of Coll, to find out exactly what we’re losing. A stunning investigation of the power of light, this beautiful book is a timely and urgent reminder to reconnect with the natural world, showing how we only need to step outside to find that, in darkness, the world lights up.

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