Twilight of Democracy

Anne Applebaum


How populists betrayed democratic values and lifelong friends.



ISBN: 9780241419717

Published July 2020 by Allen Lane

224 pages


One of my favourite political books of the year. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and historian Anne Applebaum takes aim at the former leading lights of the centre-right to show how the modern-day champions of the left-behind are the very politicians who left them behind in the first place. – James, Daunt Books Belsize Park

“… written with deep insight, experience and wisdom.”
– Elif Shafak

“A brilliant writer who sheds light on the most disturbing political phenomenon of our era”
– Financial Times


Anne Applebaum traces a familiar history in an unfamiliar way, looking at the trajectories of individuals caught up in the public events of the last three decades. When politics become polarized, which side do you back? If you are a journalist, an intellectual, a civic leader, how do you deal with the re-emergence of authoritarian or nationalist ideas in your country? When your leaders appropriate history, or peddle conspiracies, or eviscerate the media and the judiciary, do you go along with it?

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