Towpath Recipes and Stories (Signed Edition)

Lori de Mori and Laura Jackson



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ISBN: 9781645020127


Italian-inspired recipes from the beloved East London cafe, along with stories capturing the ebb and flow of community, food, and the seasons

A lot has changed since Towpath first rolled up its shutters 10 years ago on the Regent’s Canal in Hackney and everything but the toasted cheese sandwich was cooked from home across the bridge. And a lot hasn’t. It is still as much a social experiment as a unique and beloved eatery. What happens when seasonality means you close every year in November, because England’s cold, dark winters are simply inhospitable to hospitality from a little perch beside a shallow, manmade waterway that snakes through East London? What if you don’t offer takeaway coffees in the hopes that people will decide to stay awhile and watch the coots skittering across the water? If you don’t have a phone or a website, because you’d rather people just show up like (hungry) kids at a playground?

Towpath is a collection of recipes, stories and photographs capturing the vibrant cafe’s food, community and place throughout the arc of its season – beginning just before the first breath of spring, through the dog days of summer and culminating – with fireworks! – before its painted shutters are rolled down again for winter.

‘Towpath is one of the reasons I live in London. It’s a jewel-like, dream of a place. Somewhere to sit and watch the world go by. It’s the perfect mix of strength and fragility. A treat for each one of the senses. This book is an invite into their magical world.’–Keira Knightley

‘Lori & Laura are a magical team with the ability and flair to know what is right, beautiful and tasty. Laura cooks an incredible, culinary juggling act – it’s hands off, down-to-earth cooking as she battles with crazy cyclists, the weather and a canal. This book is packed full of food you want to know and cook. I suggest you dive in and cook up a Towpath feast for your friends and family.’–Fergus and Margot Henderson

Towpath is a magical glimpse of life on the Regent’s Canal, expertly documented by food, nature and the seasons. Unique, charming and delicious in equal measures.’–Sam and Sam Clark


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