The Sleeping Car Murders

Sebastien Japrisot


A deeply satisfying and stylish French noir thriller

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Fiction > Fiction in translation

ISBN: 9781910477939

Published August 2020

201 pages


This taut noirish thriller opens in classic style with a body discovered on the night train from Marseille and a grizzled hang-dog detective called in to investigate. From there the plot twists and twists and the tension ratchets up, ending in a high stakes game of cat and mouse on the streets of Paris. A deeply satisfying old-fashioned piece of classy genre fiction that left me wondering why Japrisot’s crime writing isn’t better known in the UK. – Brett, Daunt Books Marylebone

A beautiful young woman lies sprawled on her berth in the sleeping car of the night train from Marseille to Paris. She is not in the embrace of sleep, or even in the arms of one of her many lovers. She is dead. And the unpleasant task of finding her killer is handed to overworked, crime-weary police detective Pierre ‘Grazzi’ Grazziano, who would rather play hide-and-seek with his little son than cat and mouse with a diabolically cunning, savage murderer

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