Lauren Ko


Stunning pies from the baker behind @lokokitchen


Cookbooks > Non-Fiction

ISBN: 9780062911223

Published November 2020

304 pages


In Pieometry, Lauren Ko reveals her secrets, sharing stories about her designs and the inspiration behind them. Warm and funny, she breaks down her most beautiful designs, describing how to make naturally-coloured dough, intricate weaves, and striking cut-out patterns. When it comes to flavour, Pieometry offers a balance of sweet and savoury pies that are a feast for the senses, including:

Of a Shingle Mind: Honey ricotta tart with an herbed pastry shell and beets
Berried Treasure: Lavender blackberry cream with a shortbread crust and berries
Wave of Wonders: Cardamom coffee cream with a shortbread crust and pear
Once in a Tile: Pumpkin black sesame pie with a black sesame crust
C and Easy: Butternut bacon macaroni and cheese pie with a whole wheat cheddar chive crust
Squiggle Room: Grilled cinnamon pineapple pie with a basic butter crust

Whether you want to impress at the holidays or just spruce up a family meal, Pieometry is your guide to transforming a rustic traditional dessert into a modern masterpiece.

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