Only in Cologne

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ISBN: 9783950421859

Published April 2014 by The Urban Explorer


Only in Cologne
Often overlooked by visitors, Cologne is a city waiting to be explored. Uncover ruins, relics, and all things Romanesque in this jewel on the Rhine. More than 100 fascinating and unusual historical sites, including Roman ruins and religious relics, forgotten fortresses and abandoned cemeteries, industrial relics and historic hotels.

From Colonia Agrippinensis and Sancta Colonia to the Kingdom of Prussia and the Third Reich. Locations include Napoleon’s cemetery, a road beneath the Rhine, the city lighthouse, the bones of St. Ursula, and the airport where the Red Baron learned to fly.

Set off on your own urban expedition with the Only In Guides! Unique locations, hidden corners and unusual objects. These ground-breaking city guides are for independent cultural travellers wishing to escape the crowds and locals keen to learn more about where they live.

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