Napoli Unplugged

Bonnie Alberts



ISBN: 9780990805106

Published March 2015 by Partenope Press


Napoli Unplugged is not your typical guidebook. Written for the intrepid traveller seeking a more profound experience, the NU Guide delves deep deep enough to catch the cultural heartbeat of the city. It’s a must-have for anyone with more than just a passing interest in Naples and you ll want to revisit the book again and again, long after your return home. There s also plenty here to satisfy the wanderlust of armchair travellers. Written by four women united by a common passion, Napoli, who love to wax lyrical about their adoptive city, it makes you feel you re seeing Naples through the eyes of your best friends. The prose is embellished by many beautiful photographs, urban sketches and plein-air paintings by artists who couldn’t resist the siren call of Parthenope.

From the parallel city hidden below Naples bustling streets to the summit of Vesuvius, the authors explore the city, one of the oldest in the Western world, the bay surely the most stunning, and a little further afield in Campania. Each section is equipped with practical advice on transport, opening hours, essential numbers and the book is topped off with a thematic index offering the reader other pathways of discovery into the city. Rambles Through the City explores Naples by the neighbourhood, its historic and municipal centres as well as its hill districts and it is enhanced by creative cartography to orient the reader. Outings in the Outskirts dives into the Bay of Naples and a bit beyond: the Vesuvius Excavations, the Phlegraean Fields and the glories of the Amalfi Coast. Ventures in a Different Vein feeds the mind and delights the senses with a section dedicated entirely to Naples history. Finally, the authors outline an immersion course in the city s music, theatre and food and wine cultures.

Visit Naples, discover Napoli!

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