Marco Polo French Phrasebook

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ISBN: 9783829708203

Published May 2014 by Marco Polo


Marco Polo French Phrasebook – Never be lost for words again! Words are wonderful – they let us connect with each other, experience new worlds, and live life to the full. We’ve collected together all the key terms and phrases you’ll need so that you’ll never be lost for words during your adventures in a foreign culture and with a foreign language.
With our cheat sheet, you’ll always be ready to deal with any linguistic surprises that come your way. And if you’re still stuck for words, our point & show pictures are an easy way to keep on communicating. Also included :

  • Insider Tips: To help you pass for an insider, not just a tourist.
  • Phonetic pronunciation guide: To help you pronounce all the words, terms and phrases easily and correctly. Don’t be shy, get stuck in!
  • Menu decoder: Order with ease and tuck in with pleasure – foreign language menus will never be an indecipherable mystery again.
  • Up-to-date vocabulary: Including topics like Facebook, Skype, Sat Nav and Smart phones.
  • Point and show: A picture is worth a thousand words. Whether you’re out shopping, in a restaurant, at a hotel, or need help with your car: our point & show pictures will help you on your way.
  • Dictionary: An A to Z of the most important words.

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