Jewels That Made History: 100 Stones, Myths and Legends

Stellene Volandes


Fabulous photography of the greatest moments in world jewellery history

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Fashion > Non-Fiction

ISBN: 9780847868544

Published October 2020

224 pages


An illustrated history of the greatest, most iconic, and interesting moments in jewellery of all time – from red carpet to royalty, Cleopatra to Lady Gaga – by Stellene Volandes, jewellery expert and editor-in-chief of Town & Country.

Can you tell the history of the world – its highs and lows, its breakthroughs and breakups, its triumphs and tragedies – in jewellery? From ancient treasures to royal weddings, great heists to the red carpet, this book by renowned jewellery expert and author Stellene Volandes is a stunning, surprising, and glittering tour of historic turning points and gem-driven drama, delving into the passions and predilections of some of the world’s most interesting and extraordinary people.

Illustrated with a mix of archival images and gorgeous photograph of the jewels, this book is a beautiful, informative, and essential read for history lovers, fashion, celebrity and pop culture followers, as well as passionate jewel hounds.

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